Team 101 Chicago est. 2010

I founded Team 101 Chicago in 2010 to mentor and serve at-risk LGBT youth in Chicago. We are an official affiliate of Studology 101, Femmeology 101, and the We All We Got movement as well as the I'm Gay Now What organization. We are also supported by the SEQ Foundation. With our exclusive partnership with Center on Halsted from 2010-2017, we hosted events geared towards LGBTQIA youth ages 15-22. In 2012 I started the annual Pre-Thanksgivng dinner at Center on Halsted where we cook and serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the youth program. During this dinner, we invite local organizations such as Omega Pi Psi Fraternity and Alpha Pi Psi Sorority, as well as Christopher's House of Hope, Affinity, and Humble Hearts to come in and provide information, resources and clothing/shoes/ toiletries etc for the youth. We also co-host the annual Winter Fest talent show for the youth program. In the past we have welcomed filmmaker Cheryl Dunye, filmmaker Erin Davies and Fagbug, musical group Sister Speak, and local musician Ashley "Slim" Stevenson. Our events center around uplifting and nurturing the next generation of LGBT heroes. 



4/16/18 It is with so much sorrow that I announce the passing of long-time Team 101 Chicago supporter Mae Yee. 

My Shero-Jackie Anderson

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IN MEMORIAM- Jackie Anderson

It is with a VERY heavy heart that I share the news that my mentor Jackie Anderson, passed away on January 7, 2018;

at the age of 75.

Jackie was a long-time supporter of Team 101 Chicago and was our keynote speaker at our annual Thanksgiving event back in 2014. Upon our last lunch together, July 23, 2017 we talked about "passing the torch" and the new generation of activists, and she told me how proud of me she was. I am very honored to have known her and I will take heed of all of her advice given to me over the years and will cherish our memories forever.

She will be deeply missed.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
Annual Thanksgiving dinner at Center on Halsted-2015
Annual Thanksgiving dinner at Center on Halsted-2016
One of our wonderful partnerships-Humble Hearts
One of our wonderful  partnerships-Kiyah of Iddy Id Design
Very first annual Thanksgiving dinner at Center on Halsted-2012
One of our wonderful partnerships-Brysen of OUI Radio
We love our volunteers

We love our volunteers!

Thank you to all of our supporters!

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